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“Jeff’s expertise, as I have witnessed it over the years, lies in his exceptional ability to communicate with literally anyone. His people skills are as impressive with one as with one thousand. He is a professional inevery sense of the word and will bring a great deal of talent and experience to any company or organization.”
Kenneth Wooden, CHILD LURES founder and president
Former investigative reporter/producer for ABC, CBS and NBC News

“Personally, Jeff is a person of high moral integrity and uncompromising ethics. I take advantage of every opportunity to promote Jeff’s personal protection endeavors because he has demonstrated his commitment to his craft and personal veracity consistently and unwaveringly over the years. Jeff’s honesty and reliability are his defining characteristics and I whole-heartedly recommend him, without reservation, to any position for which he is uniquely qualified.”
Lance Keith Evans
Counter Intelligence Special Agent United States Army

“Your session was a box office hit with the participants, and far surpassed our collective expectations. Not only are you a subject matter expert in the field of [instinctive] defense, you are an excellent and engaging communicator.”
Monica Sudomir, Culture & Values Program Manager
Dell-Perot Systems

“Jeff keenly understands the risk management needs of companies like ours and was very helpful in his suggestions allowing us to document our efforts before, during, and after the event. The feedback was all positive and I have had many personally stop by to thank me for bringing Jeff and Defense By Design to our company. I would recommend him to any company wishing to enhance the safety of their people, both on and off the clock.”
Ray Sustaita, Manager of Corporate Security
The Dallas Morning News

“I can’t express how appreciative I am to you and your company for providing my Store team with such an enlightening and relevant presentation! I’ve had so many people come up and tell me how great they thought it was. A lot of the people saw it on the news, and were thrilled at how the story showed people that Neiman Marcus takes personal safety and protection seriously. We truly care about our employees, whether they are at work, or off the clock. This was the message that you helped us send to them – we want them to be happy, safe and successful – that will keep our customers happy and keep us in business! Thank you again Jeff – your message is priceless.”
Amber Scoggin, Loss Prevention Manager
Neiman Marcus, Dallas, TX.

“Jeff, thanks for coming to address our Crime Watch Directors at the police station. Your presentation was well received and I heard several comments saying it was easy to understand and provided useful safety information that could be used every day. One citizen said that he enjoyed you were so passionate about your belief on personal safety and therefore gave a wonderful presentation.”
Chris Jaquez, Sergeant of Police
Dallas Police Department, NW Division

“The compliments overflowed about how wonderful Jeff did and what a great idea it was to get him involved in our public safety day.  I would recommend him highly for any group of people. He needs to speak to everyone about personal safety techniques!”
Julie Alexander
Richardson Chamber of Commerce

“Thank you for coming and addressing our employees at DATCU Credit Union during our annual training day. Safety at the work place or during personal time is very important to DATCU. Your presentation was very well received by our employees; in fact you were voted as one of the ‘Most favorite parts of their day.’ A few of the comments we received from employees were: ‘Very informative’, ‘My favorite speaker of the day’, ‘I learned some things I would not have thought about’, ‘AWESOME!’, and ‘Entertaining with lots of great information’. I believe our employees have an increased awareness of what is going on around them. You are a great presenter and the information you provided was very informative!”
Candie Schneider
Auditing and Training Coordinator
Denton Area Teachers Credit Union

“We were privledged to have Jeff McKissack speak to close to 100 women at our 1st Annual Ambit-ious Womens conference in Dallas. I have to admit I was a little nervous about how he would be received, being the “ONLY” male speaker we invited.  After receiving surveys back from the women, I was delighted that women listed him as one of their favorite speakers and would like to have him back. A few of the comments, “Jeff Mckissack, he was a wonderful speaker”, “Jeff gave us some very good, needed things to think about. He was a great balance to the day”,  “Jeff McKissick gave us wisdom that can save our  lives”, “I loved the defense presentation.  Thought it was very effective”  I would recommend Defense by Design for ANY womens conference!”
Esther Spina, Executive Consultant
Ambit-ious Women Conference

“We were very impressed with your presentation and found it to be very timely. All the feedback was positive and as you could see, we were filled to capacity (50+ attendees). I would highly recommend you to anyone – especially any real estate office.
Cece Case, Vice President
Virginia Cook Realtors – Plano, Texas

“Thank you so much for coming to our sales meeting and presenting the very timely information to our group. I have heard a lot of speakers talk about Realtor safety, but none have had the insight that you do about what we must do daily in our business. I am recommending you to our Career Development Department as well.
Sherryl Wesson, Sales Manager
Ebby Halliday Realtors, Lakewood

“I had speaker, Jeff McKissack, to speak at our property on self defense. He was very well received by our tenants. In fact, I had a ‘full house’ to attend. This seems to be a hot topic, and I wanted to pass this information on to anyone who might be interested. I could not have been more pleased.”
Amy Booth, Corporate Concierge
Cousins Properties, Dallas, Texas

“Your presentation here was a big hit. In fact, word passed through the building very quickly after the seminar was over and there were many people who wished they had taken us up on the offer to attend. We appreciate you bringing such a valuable program to our facility and presenting it to our building team and our tenants. This program speaks volumes about traits that we have that should be immediately instinctive but in so many instances are not – so as one of our tenants so aptly couched it ‘thank-you for reminding us to trust our instincts’.”
Loretta Rowland, Building Manager
Lincoln Property Commercial

“My initial goal was to bring this topic to my staff in order to train them to become more aware in their day to day dealings with both customers and fellow team members for a safer work environment. The hotel industry faces many challenges as a 24/7 operation where many times employees let their guard down assuming the hotel is a safe zone for them. After hearing your presentation, I have had many comments from my team expressing their appreciation for the lessons you gave them. Most interesting is the comments that they had forgotten ‘the basics of following their instincts’.

Just yesterday, I received a report from my Shipping/Receiving Manager that she had encountered a guest using all of the tactics you had described leading her to believe something just wasn’t right. After investigating her report, this was an individual that had used the same tactics before to take advantage of the hotel. A true testament for all of us to simply ‘listen to our gut’.”
Karen Coughlin, Hotel Manager
Hilton Bella Harbor, Rockwall TX

“Thank you so much for speaking at our Parent Education Night. Our parents were absolutely blown away with your presentation! Your points were thought provoking and insightful and will stick in the memory of our audience to be there when they really need it to protect themselves and their children. I know that our parents will utilize the information and tools that you gave them to help defend their families from becoming a target. You have definitely made an impact me and my outlook on safety, both for children and adults. Thank you for caring about our children and helping us to keep them safe.”
Anita Hanks, Director
Starwood Montessori School – Frisco, Texas

“Thank you, Jeff, for the wonderful presentationm ‘What Every Parent Should Know’. Our varied audience included both mothers and fathers of children ages 2-20 and everyone was engaged throughout! You were able to relate very important information in a non-alarming way. We have had many parents tell us that this was one of our best parent education programs that they have ever attended.”
Suzie Hacker
Jewish Family Service

“Our membership valued the information that you provided. It was presented in a very real, dynamic
and influential manner. You not only provided examples and stories regarding ‘on the clock’,
‘off the clock’ and ‘Unknown Dramas’, but strategic and insightful solutions to get us to think
differently ~ to protect ourselves personally, professionally and to protect our individual companies
that we work for.”
Kim Follis, Programs Director
Dallas HR Management Association

“Thank you so much for speaking at the monthly meeting of the Fort Worth Human Resource Management Association. Without question, you were a top speaker this year! The information that you provided to our membership on Reducing Security Concerns in the Workplace was very valuable to the HR community. Having a resource like you is a true asset to our members and we can’t thank you enough for your time.”
Patty Revis, Vice President of Programs
Fort Worth HR Management Association

“The valuable information, intuitive instruction and group participation exercises left us all feeling more prepared to defend ourselves or our families from would-be predators, whether they be in or outside our homes or over the internet. Jeff was more than generous with his time in responding to our questions. We would highly recommend Defense by Design as a program for any group.”
Pam Southern
Faculty Women’s Club
UT Southwestern Medical Center

“Our members walked away with useful knowledge on how to be more alert and not take anything for granted. Many of our members travel for business and the presentation was one that we can use in our everyday business and personal life. I highly recommend Jeff for presentations for Associations, Travel Organizations, Women’s Groups and of course Schools. You are getting a great presentation and someone who has the knowledge to keep us safe. Dynamic Presentation!”
Audrey Baker, Program Chair and Board Member
Dallas/Fort Worth Association of Executives

“Thank you for a great presentation which was well received by our members. You provided valuable insight and information how it can relate to not only our personal lives but also to our everyday workplace. Your presentation and communication skills along with your overall knowledge and insight made this one of our more interesting and most valuable presentations our club had had this year.”
Dan Weinman, President
Transportation Club of Dallas/Fort Worth

“Thank you so much for such a wonderful event. I have heard so many great things about you and your self defense class. My members are truly pleased and want to do it again!”
Don Paul LeGrand, Manager
Events & Adventures – Dallas, Texas

“It was an easy decision to have Jeff come in and give a presentation to our members. The information was relevant, timely and extremely well-received by the attendees. The presentation truly was excellent, and I know everyone left with a greater appreciation of the need to always be alert and aware of their surroundings.”
Amy Johnson, Membership Director
The Tower Club – Dallas, TX

“Our faculty was pleased that your presentation was carefully tailored to meet the needs of the junior high students. You certainly had our students’ attention and they responded well to your presentation.”
J.R. Cox, Principal
Midland, Texas

“We are very appreciative of the seminars you conducted for our public school teachers here in Oklahoma. Yours is a well-balanced approach to personal defense while being mindful of the liability we as school officials face in dealing with problem situations. Kudos.”
Dr. Nancy Kabriel, Director of Physical Education
Oklahoma Department of Education

“Jeff did an excellent job of presenting a subject to high school students that most people feel is better suited for those in elementary school. Our students were attentive to both Jeff’s style and message. I would certainly recommend him to all high school students.”
L.E. Sigler, Principal
Dallas, Texas

“I’ve known Jeff for years and would readily recommend his training to any business, school or group who wishes to gain a better understanding of what crime prevention is all about.”
Joel Scott, Police Officer
Plano, Texas

“Great Job!! Your program was excellent. I heard many positive comments from our neighbors. I’m sure your presentation increased their awareness and they will be more cautious as they go about their daily business. Thank you for doing this for our neighborhood.”
Barbara J. Miller, Webb/Royal Neighborhood Watch
Dallas, Texas

I saw Jeff’s presentation while visiting the Lewisville Rotary Club and was so impressed I invited him to speak to the Highland Village Rotary members. The presentation was well received, easy to understand and provided a great deal of information. It was thought provoking and educational in a very practical way. Jeff’s expertise is evident along with his passion for helping others. He has an open invitation to visit our Rotary Club any time!”
Barb Ross, President, Highland Village Rotary Club
Highland Village, Texas

“Recently, Jeff McKissack of Defense By Design joined us at the home base of Teen Mania Ministries’ Global Expeditions to lead a training class on International safety and self defense for our senior level leaders. These leaders oversee the teen students on our summer missions trips, and we felt it imperative that we train them in this area. For any faith-based organizations, such as churches, Christian schools, etc., I would also recommend this training.”
Emmie Harper
Teen Mania Ministries