Jeff McKissack is a noted authority in the field of crime prevention.  For years he served as the national representative for the critically-acclaimed CHILD LURES Crime Prevention Program during which time he personally addressed over 250,000 children and teens as well as over 40,000 adult professionals via continuing education seminars to the educational, medical, legal, ministerial and law-enforcement communities.

When asked, Jeff best describes his work saying “I teach you how to spot trouble before trouble spots you.” This pro-active approach to personal defense and safety has garnered him many interviews across the country on local news and radio as well as articles in magazines and online publications. His work reaches into both the public and private sectors as he works with companies, corporations, colleges, universities and non-profit organizations.

Jeff is also an experienced and certified personal defense instructor as well with over 20 years of teaching experience.  He is a contributing writer for Black Belt Magazine, Martial Arts Success Magazine and, an online resource for the prevention of violent crimes against women and teens.  Jeff has also worked with some of the same trainers responsible for many of today’s A-List action film stars in Hollywood as well.

It is Jeff’s unique background in both the psychological as well as physical aspects of personal defense that make his approach and perspective so unique and comprehensive in presentations. This is noted by all who hear Jeff speak, as well as the obvious passion he has for his subject matter. Jeff seeks to empower all those who hear him to live safer lives as they navigate an increasingly violent society. Locally, Jeff is a member of the North Texas Crime Commission and consultant to several professional agencies.