Predicting Violent Behavior
From road rage to violent behavior in the workplace, there are indicators to be seen and evaluated both with intellect and instinct. Learn how to enhance your ability to spot the early warning signs of violent behavior as you make your home, your business and your life safer. Businesses would do well to consider this “gift” to their employees since safe employees help secure a safe workplace. This training might compliment existing OHSA compliance seminars dealing with “Duty to Warn” or “Duty to Protect” issues or “Continuing Education” for professional groups. Time commitment is one hour.

What Every Woman Should Know
Who are the three most-targeted types of women? What are the two major causal factors leading to rape? Can a restraining order actually increase the likelihood of violence? How do you handle a stalker? What about mace, stun guns, TASERS, etc as viable means of self-defense? What are the early signs of deception or domestic violence in a relationship? These are some of the topics covered as we help women move from a reactive feeling of “I knew it” to a more proactive feeling of “I know it!”  This can be an in-home or in-office presentation for smaller groups of women (20 participant minimum; no maximum).  Time commitment is two hours.

What Every Parent Should Know
Those who exploit children and teens do so in a very calculated and methodical manner. Learn the most commonly used techniques of these individuals as well as prevention strategies easily employed by parents. Also learn what predator skills parents can instill within their children early-on to prevent school bullying. This is an excellent seminar for school parent groups as well as churches and civic organizations. Time commitment is approximately one hour and a half.

What are “YOU” Wearing?
In the world of predator and prey, are you wearing “orange” or “feathers”? This presentation is directed towards high school students, teaching them to look at themselves, their actions, their behaviors, and even their company of friends through the eyes of a would-be predator. What do such predators look for in easy prey? What do you do as a teen, where do you go, who do you associate with that might put you squarely in the crosshairs of a predator? This seminar provokes self-examination and fosters critical thinking skills without “preaching” to teens. Time commitment is one hour for schools, churches, youth camps, etc.

Luring Your Money
So that trusted friend approaches you with the “Deal of the Decade” with an offer or investment opportunity that just sounds too good to pass up. But there is that nagging feeling in the back of your mind regarding this opportunity. Again, though, this is a “trusted friend” who you know has invested himself or herself already with positive results. What are the red flags that would allow “you” to discern a good deal from simply a good story? What are the six sequential strategies that professional con artists often use to lure you and your financial resources? Learn in this short presentation (30-45 minutes) that can be offered in a lunch or dinner presentation. This is a great gift for insurance companies and financial investors to offer to their clients to help them keep their money from others who would prey upon their good will.

Sell Like a Criminal!
As strange as this may sound, we can learn a lot from criminals– and not just regarding crime prevention! This seminar is directed towards sales and marketing professionals, delving into what makes criminals effective in their “interpersonal communications” and the ways in which they market and promote themselves often to win over their intended victims. In this seminar Jeff explains some of the trade secrets and techniques used by criminals and con artists that can be turned around for more “noble” purposes in sales and marketing. People are naturally curious about the “criminal mind,” hence the popularity of so many crime drama shows on television. This seminar is intended to “lure” the minds and ideas of sales and marketing professionals as they learn to appeal to the basic human instincts and desires we all share. Some of the topics Jeff will present include what personality traits and approaches work to put people at-ease? What personality traits and approaches work to put people on-guard? What is the one phrase you should never use in a business exchange or negotiation? What “lures” do criminals and con artists know that you should know also? Time commitment is one hour.

Reducing Violence in the Workplace
There are three major areas of vulnerability that often take businesses owners, HR managers and Risk Management off-guard when it comes to instances of violence in the workplace. How do companies, non-profits and other organizations become more proactive to mitigate risk? What strategies can be employed in the workplace to reduce instances of violence and retaliation as well as the liability and exposure associated with these occurrences? These are the emphases of this seminar presentation. Primary focus groups are various professional organizations, HR associations, risk management associations, insurance associations, etc. Continuing education credits often apply. Time commitment is one hour.

Hocus Focus!
For eons, magicians and mentalists have used three basic principles to fascinate audiences: (1) misdirection, (2) illusion, and (3) accomplices. Interestingly enough, many criminals and con artists use these same three principles for securing their “marks” or victims, or at very least, their trust. During this highly entertaining seminar event, these three principles are demonstrated in their original magical/metal context, then the “curtain is pulled back” to illustrate how they are misused by unscrupulous individuals seeking to turn their audience into victims of fraud, theft, or worse. This seminar can be scaled from more intimate settings up to full stage presentations, offering great fun and audience participation, while learning some valuable lessons regarding physical and psychological vulnerabilities. Time commitment is one hour.

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