Trust your instincts! – Week 4

I and my mentor years ago lured countless adults into cars and vans – not with a gun or knife, but a good story. And after doing so over all these years, the responses of would-be victims have always been the same…”I knew I shouldn’t have done that” or “I knew I shouldn’t have got into that car” or similar. What it told us is that people’s instincts were working…they just weren’t listening to their instincts! No matter who the person is in front of you, their age, their gender, their car, the location you’re at, whatever the situation, listen to your instincts – the still small voice that will tell you when something or someone is not right. This is THE BEST advice we can ever follow, so “trust your instincts!” This is Jeff McKissack with Defense By Design teaching you how to spot trouble before trouble spots you!

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